“Five years later, Missouri still grappling with renewable law”

“More than five years after Missouri residents approved a renewable-energy standard, very little has changed about the state’s power supply.

The 2008 law, known as Proposition C, requires the state’s three large investor-owned utilities to gradually phase in renewable power, starting with 2 percent of the electricity sold in 2011 to 2013, and gradually ramping up that proportion to 15 percent by 2021. The law also requires that 2 percent of that total be derived from solar.

However, not long after voters approved the law by a two-to-one margin, state officials removed language requiring that energy to be generated in Missouri.

As a result, “the utilities are not building renewables,” said P.J. Wilson, director of Renew Missouri, a non-profit that advocated for Proposition C. “They have found ways around it. We’ve been challenging that.””

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