“PASSIVE HOUSE: THE IDEA” Ralph Wafer and Gary Steps on Green Time TV

In 2013, St. Louis saw the construction of its first Passive House, a home that does not require central heating.  It is so well designed, insulated, and airtight that it uses about 90% less energy than similar buildings.  Interior surfaces are room temperature with no hot or cold drafts.  Architect and planner Ralph Wafer and Gary Steps, of Butterfly Energy Works, discuss how they designed the home with the floor plan the owners wanted.  The building produces more energy than it uses.  Hot water for cooking, cleaning, and bathing is delivered by a small solar thermal system.  The air exchange radically improves the cleanliness of the inbound air, while protecting the temperature and humidity.  It is highly tornado and earthquake resistant.  This Green Time (No. 439) features “Passive House Revolution.”  It is produced by the Gateway Greens in conjunction with KNLC Channel 24.  Call 314-727-8554 or contact [email protected] for info.  [Find out about the movie at http://passivehouserevolution.org/]

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12:00 p.m., Saturday, August 23, 2014,


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8:00 p.m., Monday, August 25, 2014


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