About Us

The Mission of Missouri Renewable Energy


Missouri Renewable Energy (MORE) is a division of the New Life Evangelistic Center, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established to train and educate the general public to use renewable energy and to live more sustainably. We are a nationally recognized micro-enterprise organization dedicated to furthering sustainable living and renewable energy in our local and global communities. MORE has been providing renewable energy and sustainability throughout the state of Missouri for more than 10 years through educational workshops, free fairs, newsletters, television and radio shows, and a variety of resources (books, manuals, tapes, dvds, as well as green merchandise from solar and wind generator equipment to CFL bulbs). Missouri Renewable Energy has responded to a considerable demand for renewable energy education and resources throughout Mid-America.

Objectives of Missouri Renewable Energy:

  • Use various public media (TV, radio, internet) to educate, recruit, fund renewable energy projects, share successes, and sell green products.
  • Launch the Missouri Renewable Energy Satellite Channel by February 2009.
  • Market and sell MORE-endorsed products and services locally and nationally.
  • Distribute 50,000 compact florescent light bulbs, priced at near wholesale cost, or absolutely free.  (In cooperation with NLEC, Missouri Renewable Energy has distributed hundreds of free CFLs to persons below the poverty line who struggle with their utility costs.)
  • Conduct 25-30 workshops a year in St. Louis, mid-Missouri, and southwest Missouri on renewable energy.
  • Host 8-10 community renewable energy fairs a year, averaging 150-200 participants.
  • Create viable and innovative renewable energy resources for diverse populations (for low to middle class populations, variety of ethnicities).
  • Partner with other sustainable organizations at various public awareness events throughout Missouri.