The Companies With the Largest Plastic Footprint

Break Free From Plastic, a non-profit organization fighting plastic pollution, published the results of its annual brand audit last week. With the help of thousands of volunteers BFFP conduct a global audit of plastic waste collected in cleanups each year, in order to raise awareness and hold consumer companies accountable... [Read More]

Worst Plastic Polluters in 2020

Climate change awareness appears to be creating substantial change in companies across the world, as a growing number of companies and corporations invest in eco-friendly policies and push for carbon neutrality within their own ranks. Still, the business model for many large corporations relies on materials and techniques that are... [Read More]

Wind, Solar Dominate Energy Future

The wind and solar energy industries are booming across the world as infrastructure projects come online and countries set progressive goals for carbon neutrality and net-zero emissions in the coming decades. New data shows how the two popular renewable energies are projected to quickly outpace traditional fossil fuels in as... [Read More]

States Moving Toward Clean Energy

The U.S. officially removed themselves from the Paris Agreement on Nov. 4, an international coalition aimed at strengthening the global response to the rapidly evolving threat of climate change. America is now the only country in the world not participating in the climate plan, leaving it up to individual states... [Read More]

Offshore Wind Energy to Double

Wind and solar energy are quickly becoming one of the cheapest forms of energy across the world. This is leading to a booming growth in these two renewable energy industries, with several large carbon emitting countries vowing to expand renewable infrastructure in the coming decades to meet decarbonization efforts. Data... [Read More]